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Becoming a leader doesn't happen by accident. Leaders are formed. 

Coaching programs that help faith-driven leaders develop the skills, strategies, and mindset needed to lead with purpose, vision, and impact, both personally and organizationally.

Overcoming Leadership's Common Challenges: Which one are you facing? 

Burnout and Overwhelm

Communication and Conflict

Clarity and Direction

Alignment with Values

Lonely and Isolated 

Navigating Change 

Leveling Up Your Leadership

Leadership starts with knowing and leading yourself. You either grow yourself or risk severely limiting the potential of the entire organization. Once you lead yourself well you can lead others. With the right guidance, you can lead with confidence.

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Lead by design 

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coaching and consulting.

One on One.

1-on-1 coaching service for faith-driven leaders combines leadership development with a faith-based approach. I work with you in private sessions to help you achieve your goals, overcome obstacles, and improve your leadership skills. I'll incorporate biblical principles and explore how your faith informs your work. Together, we'll build a trust-based relationship as we help you gain new insights and unlock your potential.

  • Grow in faith. Deepening spiritual connection and purpose.

  • Grow in focus. Clear direction and goal-achievement.

  • Grow in fulfillment. Finding contentment through personal values alignment.

Workshops, Teams, & Groups

Our group coaching and workshops are designed to help individuals grow in faith, focus and contentment. Through interactive sessions and exercises, participants will have the opportunity to reflect on their personal and professional lives, identify their values and passions, and learn strategies for achieving their goals. With a faith-based approach, we aim to deepen participants' spiritual connection and understanding of biblical principles in their life. The group format also provides a supportive community and the sharing of experience and knowledge among the participants. Additionally, workshops will provide the participants with specific tools, techniques and methodologies they can use in their specific fields. It will be an interactive and effective learning experience in a dynamic and collaborative environment.

"Dylan is highly experienced, knowledgeable, and passionate about helping me find purpose and direction. Most importantly he has helped me grow by aligning my personal mission and work."

Yumi, entrepreneur

Too often we settle for temporary pleasure and satisfaction, instead of reaching for the infinite joy that is offered to us. We limit ourselves with our own small desires, not recognizing the greatness of what is truly being offered

Effective leadership starts with mastering the art of leading yourself. Our Leadership Formation approach is designed to help leaders deepen their understanding of themselves, their values and beliefs, and their purpose. Through this program, leaders will learn to align their personal values and beliefs with their leadership role and to lead from a place of authenticity and integrity.


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