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Discover Your Story in God's Design

Life design coaching that levels up your faith, focus, and fulfillment.

God does have a plan for your life, but figuring it out can feel daunting

Maybe it shows up as feeling...  


Scattered. Hurried. Reactive. Exhausted.


Whether it’s in your faith, career, marriage, finances, health, or relationships, it is easy to get off course.

You were designed on purpose and for purpose. It is time to stop living by default and start living by design. 

Live by Desing is a gospel-centered coaching program.

Through a facilitated coaching journey, you gain clarity on where you are,

where you want to be, and the key steps to align your life with God's design.

Get Started

If you are ready to stop living by default and get clarity on all that God has made you for, then the Live by Design process will help you build a roadmap for your life that will help you...

  • Step into God's plan for your life

  • Gain focus and clarify what's most important 

  • Take action on your goals

  • Pursue a God-sized vision 

  • Develop a rule of life with spiritual disciplines 

  • Develop new habits that move you toward your goals

  • Know your moving in the right direction

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